Hobbies and Halloween

We love Halloween because it's one of our favorite days of the year. Candies? How about costumes? Creepy cocktails? Let's go.

The downside is, as, with all other overhyped holidays, there can be some lows. For instance, we feel pounds of pressure to create the perfect costume, attend the best party, take the best Instagram photo, and make the most enticing makeup look. Do you find Halloween stressful? While it shouldn't be objectively, really, it can be. 

It is Halloween, so beauty lovers get their makeup and hair done in full force. No amount of face paint or glitter is considered excessive or unacceptable. What better place to look for inspiration than on our Instagram feeds, where several beauty gurus and bloggers have been sharing Halloween costume inspiration for the past month?

Makeup Tips

Even if you don't manage to simplify things, gathering a collection of Halloween makeup tips can at the very least help reduce the hassle. Can't figure out how to set, apply, or remove? 

Around the world, people commemorate the dead on October 31 every year as part of Halloween festivities. This day is celebrated by having Halloween costume parties, playing pranks on friends, watching horror movies, going to haunted attractions, creating pumpkin lanterns, telling or listening to scary stories, etc. Nevertheless, the focus of this day should be on spooky makeup, and there are thousands of ways to be creative with your makeup.

Makeup Kits for Halloween

Make up kit

The makeup you need to create any Halloween costume does not necessarily need to be complicated. It is advantageous to invest in a kit that includes many colors and items for application. Plus, you can quickly bring it wherever you go for holiday festivities.

Exactly as you can save time, energy, and money this Halloween with a strategic makeup kit, so can you with the simple must-haves you regularly use, not just on Halloween. With just the bare necessities, you can create last-minute (and epic) Halloween looks.

YouTube (or Instagram) can be an effective and time-saving way to perform efficient costume research, whether you are looking for simple step-by-step instructions or crave variety. Here are mermaids, witches, skulls, and butterflies to get you started.

A high-tier setting spray will keep your job pristine no matter how intense, or minimalist your aesthetic is on October 31.

Halloween makeup essentials may seem tempting, but it's much better for your skin, and luckily for you, your makeup masterpiece, if you know and purchase top-notch makeup brands that offer everything your Halloween makeup needs this year. They don't need to be expensive.

Halloween on a Budget

Halloween on a budget

Costumes and makeup can get pretty expensive for Halloween, and although some fans will invest their savings into amazing costumes, not everyone is willing to spend so much. Halloween makeup can always be bought on a budget, ensuring a memorable costume without spending too much.

Halloween Looks

Halloween looks

From being possessed to becoming a werewolf, you can transform yourself with the cosmetics you already have in your bathroom. Having a sound eyeshadow palette and brush is all you need for your Halloween look if you love makeup. Playing around with makeup and creating the perfect Halloween costume is more fun than opting for a generic look.

Which are your favorite Halloween-inspired makeup creations? A beauty guru takes one of the key themes from Adam and Eve and spins it into a playful take on snakes and apples, a makeup artist becomes Princess Mononoke, and little red riding hood takes a creepy yet cool turn.

One last tip!

There's a freedom that comes with picking out a Halloween costume, keep it simple.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!


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