Cardstock Crafting Basic Tools Kit C


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Weeding Tool Set  Silhouette Embossed Wording Tool Crafting Maker Kit for Weeding Hand Sewing Stitching Accessory
1. Oversized scraper and spatula. The large scraper is used to clean large areas and easily apply materials to larger surfaces. It is very suitable for treating vinyl and cleaning cutting pads and other surfaces, which is helpful for lasting cutting pads.
2. The scraper will accurately lift the image from the cutting pad to prevent tearing and curling.
3. All these tools help to easily remove your work from the sticky cutting pad.
4. Hook needles and hook tweezers, which are very suitable for removing tiny cuts, including removing paper sheets from carrier sheets or poking tiny paper sheets from cut card paper images.
5. Tweezers can be picked up and held safely, and you will realize that it saves you a lot of energy when you start making.
6. Scissors are very sharp and small enough to complete complicated details.
Product size:
Scissors: 15.5*6cm
Tweezers: 14.5*1.4cm
Spatula: 19 * 2 cm
Weeder: 17*1.5cm
Scraper: 6.5*6cm
Straight needle: 17*1.5cm
Packaging: White box
Material: plastic stainless steel

Packaging Details :
1 X Scissors  

1 X Hook tweezers 

1 X Spatula 

1 X Hook needle  

1 X Scraper 

1 X Straight needle  

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