Hamstring Curl Strap Home Workout


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Portable sit-up bar foam padded abdominal core exercise workout doorway bed sit-ups bar home fitness equipment

  • Hamstring Curl Strap for Perfect partner for nordic curl,  squats, ab workout, classic crunches, and much more! A curl strap is a perfect waist, abs, and leg training equipment。 suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.
  • High-quality materials: The hamstring curl machine is composed of a steel center rod, high-density foam and a military strap, Sturdy and stable enough to protect ankles, knees, and other contact areas of the body. Effectively avoid sports injuries.

Easy installation, convenient and lightweight.
The outermost layer is covered with foam for more comfortable exercise.

Main material: steel + cotton + PVC
Product color: black
Product size: 310x215x31mm/12.2x8.46x1.22"
Product net weight: 180g

Install at the bottom of the door: pass the door buckle through the bottom of the door and close the door.

Packaging Details :

  • 1 x sit-up bar

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